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Free Electronic Waste Pick Up


You can help BSH Center raise money by

safely recycle old electronics that you want to get rid of.

EWaste4good works throughout the Central Valley and Bay Area,

managing an electronic waste recycling program.

It's a great program, in which no handling of e-waste is required!

EWaste4good will pick it up directly from the home/business!

You can donate 1 piece or 100 pieces.

EWaste4good accepts electronic waste in any condition working or not.


The more you gather from your home or office the more you will help BSH Center in their fundraising efforts.

Please fill out a quick and easy form at


Select –> County: Nevada/Placer County –> BSH Center (Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center)




Call eWaste4good at (800) 317-3112

Thank you for supporting BSH Center!

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