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Monthly Schedule

Every Sunday at 10 AM - BSH Spiritual Talk & Healing Online

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in Collaboration with DLS

"Workers of the Eternal Life" book Study Group

with Sunshine Beck

Sundays from 5:30PM to 6:45PM

"Light Ahead" book Study Group

with Sunshine Beck

Tuesdays from 6:30PM to 8:00PM

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  Meeting ID: 445 223 3955

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Fraternal Counseling

Every Wednesday from 4PM to 7PM by Appointment Only

Send us an e-mail with your appointment request:

or text/ call Regina: 916-890-8493 or Kiki: 916-769-6806

BSH Speakers

Tania Stewart
Tania Stewart is a natural born medium from Brazil who has helped others with her spiritual gifts and mediumship since childhood. At 11 years old, she discovered her connection with the teachings of Christ through the study and teaching of the Catechism in the Catholic Church. When Tania was 26 years old, she was inspired by a book about Chico Xavier's life and decided to pursue the study of Spiritism at a local Spiritist center. For more than 20-years, Tania has been spreading and teaching Spiritism with simplicity and love where ever she goes. Her goal is always the same, to elevate her own soul while helping others to become better servants of Christ. Tania is a founding member and Vice President of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center and co-founder of Brazilian Spiritual Healing.
Regina Waters comes from a large family of 17 siblings with a strong faith in her heart. She raised 2 children as a single parent, and in the mist of all she never gave up her search for a deeper understanding of spirituality. After much studying and searching in different spiritual centers, she continued to look for the missing piece in her spiritual path. After her second visit to John of God in Abadiania, Brazil, she found BSH Center. Regina has been a member of Brazilian Spiritual Healing since 2012 and is a founding member of Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center, where she serves as the President of the Board and as an  instructor of 'Spiritism for the Youth'. Regina is a committed soul to our group and continues to grow in her spiritual path.

Regina Waters


Sabine Beck Sunshine Beck has been a seeker all of her life which culminated in her finding her spiritual home through Spiritism 15 years ago.

She is a founding member of Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center in Penryn, CA, and the founder of Divine Light Spiritist Center in Nevada City, CA.

Sabine Beck

Adriana Aguena has been an active member of Brazilian Spiritual Healing since 2013.

She has been studying spirituality since 2003 with courses in Spiritism, Spiritualism and the teachings of Oraam Mikhael Aivanhov and the Universal Brotherhood.

Adriana is an active member of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center and in her free time she volunteers as a mentor for international students and young professionals.


Adriana Aguena

Brian Abeel is a founding member of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center and  presently serves as Financial Officer for the BSH Center. At an early age, he could see and communicate with spirits; however, he suppressed his spiritual gifts until a life changing experience caused him to embrace his study of mediumship and healing. In 2005, Brian graduated from Nancy Bradley's Truth and Healing Center as a healing medium. He continued working with her until 2009 and in 2012, Brian began studying mediumship and Spiritism with Tania and Greg Stewart of Brazilian Spiritual Healing.

Brian is an environmentalist with over 27 years of experience working with various Federal, State, local and private agencies for the protection of California's environment, citizens and property.

Brian Abeel

At 16 years old, Steve suffered a severe burning accident, damaging eyes, lungs and esophagus. Western Medicine offered very little help, and his parents desperate to find some treatment for Steve, started looking outside the United States for some help. Two years later, Steve’s parents took him to Manila in Philippines, in search of the promised healers of the land. Steve received a spiritual surgery there and the results were just unbelievable.

His spiritual background is supported by studies and many visits to the “Casa de Dom Inacio” in Abadiania, Brazil, where he continues to receive healing and spiritual guidance.

Steve is a founding member of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center, and has been working tireless for the success of it for the last 5 years, and presently serves as Treasurer for the BSH Center.

Steve Gibson

Chris Ferreira was born in Southern California and moved to the bay area as a teenager. There she married and when her children started the high school, she moved the family to a better environment in Grass Valley, California. Chris attended various city colleges studying a variety of subjects. She retired from Hewlett Packard after 25 years in customer service. She attended Ayurveda college in Grass valley where she studied Ayurveda medicine during her internship, she started her spiritual journey. She earned her Reiki certificate and practice healing with her massage practice. Recently, Chris has become a member of Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center. She loves life and lives by "The Golden Rule.

Chris Ferreira

Chris P. Feresin a native Brazilian, is blessed to have been raised in a spiritist family that taught her the study of the Gospel since she was a little girl. 

While working on her inner transformation, Chris seeks opportunities to serve and to put into action lessons taught by Jesus and the good spirits that live in love, without judgement, and to practice charity with respect.

Her mantra is: “Accept with gratitude! Believe with conscience! Work with love!

Chris is one the newest member of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center who graciously welcomes the BSH attendees with a beautiful smile on her face every Sunday, and the Secretary of the BSH Board of Directors. 

Chri Ferresin.jpg

Chris P. Feresin

Debora Beldowicz loves to be useful in the work of Jesus spreading what Spiritism has to teach us.  She is the President of Good Harvest Fraternal Group in Newark, New Jersey.  Debora has been married for the last 25 years and has two children (one attending University and the other in the Navy).  She has a Master's Degree in Psychology and works as a life coach.

Debora Beldowicz


has been studying spiritism and spiritualism for more than 10 years. She has been a member of Brazilian Spiritual Healing since 2016.  Debora was born in Brazil and moved to the United States 5 years ago. She is the mother of one boy and works for two local community colleges. In her spare time she enjoys outdoor activities with her family.  


Debora Silva

Valerie J Miller

Valerie J Miller was born into a spiritual family with a focus on personal development and has been a spiritual student all her life. She has served as Vice President of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center and as President of the Board of La Cresenta Church of Religious Science. She has spoken widely in the spiritual community, including La Crescenta Church, Spiritualist Church of the Pines, Brazilian Spiritual Healing, and SOL Sanctuary.
Her studies include: Science of Mind, Quantum healing (Dr. Kam Yuen), 2nd degree reiki master, Higher Selves (Joan Culpepper, LA), Disobsession (J. Culpepper), Course in Miracles, Two visits to John of God (Brazil), John of God Group (LA), Mediumship (Ann Cooper, Scientist & Licensed Healer, NYC), Ananda Ashram (Yogi, Dr. Ramamurti Mishra), Spiritual Study (Paul Brunton), Trancendental Meditation (NYC), Life Spring,
Valerie is an award-winning soprano and actress with extensive stage, opera, musical theater, TV, and film credits in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Her recordings are available on iTunes and YouTube. Look for her upcoming LP.
She has taken her performance skills into the business community, sharing her extensive knowledge of the psycho-physical aspects of communication with Fortune 500 professionals and executives across the country.
Valerie has taught acting and voice to professional actors, her own performance and teaching consistently focused on the bringing forward of one’s authentic self and the fullness of one's being.

Kenn Waters have worked over forty years in the field of counseling and education, at various community colleges in the Bay Area. He is a retired counselor, who now works part-time at three different colleges. He also taught counseling, personal development, psychology, and sociology. He loves studying and learning languages, having acquire a degree of proficiency in both French and Spanish, and now pursing Arabic and Chinese.
Kenn Waters (2).JPG

  Kenn Waters

Edda Caraballo

Edda Caraballo has studied meditation and communication since 1980. She was certified a communication facilitator by the First School of Holistic Living in St. Helena, California. In 1990 she was certified by the Dyad School of Enlightenment in Mt. Barker, Australia as an Enlightenment Master to facilitate a three to four-day meditation retreat. She has presented Enlightenment Intensive retreats in California, Canada, Spain and Mexico, and has helped hundreds of people expand their personal, spiritual and professional growth by contemplating their own true nature, Who am I, in highly structured exercises. Edda wrote two chapters to inspire young Latinas which appear in Mariposa: A Workbook for Discovery & Exploration published by the Connections Leadership Project, Williams Unified School District, and Mujeres de Conciencia / Women of Conscience by Victoria Alvarado. She is also featured in Lawrence Noyes' book, The Enlightenment Intensive: Dyad Communication as a Tool for Self-Realization.

Dave Murphy has been an active member of Brazilian Spiritual Healing since 2011. He plays an important role during BSH healing circles as he is usually the person guiding people to the tables for spiritual treatment.


Dave has been studying spirituality for the past seven years with courses in Spiritism, Spiritualism and the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and the Universal White Brotherhood. He is also a founding member of the Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center. Dave is always willing to lend a charitable hand to friends and neighbors in his community.

David Murphy

Craig Rowland is a Tai Chi Master who first began studying and collecting Tai Chi books in 1981. He began his study with his mentor, Grand Master Henry Look (Sifu) in 1993. Sifu was very generous with sharing his vast knowledge with Craig because he was interested in the spiritual, personal growth, and health aspects of Tai Chi and not the fighting applications. After years of dedication and study, Sifu offered to teach Craig how to do Tai Chi in the Void. The Void is where humans do not know, but spirit knows. It is where health is manifest in spirit and if we allow it, we are healed in the manifest, bodily world. Grand Master Henry Look recently transitioned back to the spirit realm and Craig has sensed that Sifu has been with him and his students during his Tai Chi classes. Craig is also a Civil Engineer and General Contractor. Coming from such a rigid, logical, and rule bound profession, he has embarked on an interesting journey of seeking out Tai Chi as a way to find spiritual growth and freedom.

Craig Rowland

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