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One day, Divaldo was walking down the street when he saw in the newsstand a newspaper with headlines that read: “A man committed suicide by throwing himself on the train tracks.”

Shocked by the news and concerned for the fate of that soul, Divaldo purchased the newspaper and read it carefully. Then he wrote the poor man’s name in his notebook.


From that day on, Divaldo added the new name to the long list of prayer that he already had. Early every morning, along with his morning prayers, Divaldo read the long list of names of the individuals in need of prayer and guidance in the spirit world. He had never met in person the gentleman from the newspaper.


Long after, Divaldo was feeling very sad due to various problems that were afflicting him. He was sitting in his favorite armchair with his head down when he felt a presence in his room.


Divaldo Franco on The Importance of Prayer
From "Spiritist Magazine" by Etel Shulte

Divaldo lifted his head and saw in front of him a white shape dressed in some type of tunic; it was very bright and was watching him with a smile in his face. Divaldo looked at him again and didn’t recognize him. He didn’t know who the visitor of light was.


Then the Spirit approached him and said:

“Don’t you recognize me? I am the man who threw himself on the train tracks in a moment of great desperation and anguish. I was really out of my mind, half mad of fear.”

Divaldo observed him and remembered the name that was written in his notebook. He approached the man and greeted him with much love.

Brother, I am so happy to see you well – Divaldo told him – How do you feel?”

“I am fine thanks to your prayers. When I woke up in the spirit world, after a long period of time of wandering in the dark, I started listening to a voice calling my name. I was your voice. Slowly that voice guided me to the awareness and the repentance for the act that I committed. I started understanding that my wrong act only prolonged my agony. In addition, only then I knew that my action triggered other dramas. My wife, in order to feed our children, ended up as a prostitute. The children, without a father that guided them, fell into serious errors. I suffered a lot learning all of this. I had never imagined that my suicide could provoke so many consequences, not only for me but for my loved ones. Then the voice repeating my name and asking the good Lord to guide me, made me see the reality of my life and my state, and it awakened me. I cried a lot and I was rescued by a group of spirits of  Light that took me to a safe place in which I got assistance and help.

Everything, thanks to your prayers, Mr. Divaldo. I am immensely grateful. Now, I came to help you, so you can recover your strength and continue fighting like you always have. Jesus is always near us and you know this better than anyone else. You cannot get carried away by sadness and difficulties!”

Divaldo looked at him with his eyes full of tears and gave him a big hug. He got up from his chair and from the depressive situation in which he was. His new friend was helping him from the other side of life.


The power of prayers is so great that it doesn’t have limits, it can do anything.

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