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Divaldo P. Franco

He remains as the most extraordinary being the world has ever known, in the condition of an incomparable model for Humanity.

Possibly, you met him in your past journeys, and you were not faithful to him, opting for the world instead of following Him.

You made a commitment to keep him alive in the hearts, but you confused Him in the mist of souls and feelings ...

He, who now returns, and you reencounter Him truly stripped from the luxury and religious display of the past, in which they presented Him to the world, disfiguring His greatness.

Simple and noble, He walks anonymously among the mad masses, assists in silence and tenderness, opening doors for the conquest of plenitude.

Vigilante, He waits for the opportunity to present himself.

If, however, you have not yet found Him, stop and reflect, directing your steps in His direction.

Compassionate and tranquil, He is close to you ... Seek to live with Him.

Do not postpone the moment, so you don’t  come to do it too late ...

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