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To Be a Spiritist
Angela C. Furiati (Fundação Espirita Allan Kardec - Juiz de Fora - MG - Brasil

Some people say that being a Spiritist is very difficult, a task only for those who already are a saint.

Allan Kardec, however, will say that the spiritist is recognized for the effort he makes for his moral transformation and to overcome his tendencies toward evil.

Making effort is quite different from being a saint, which we still have a long way to go.

Some companions say they are trying to be a Spiritist. These are in doubt and fear to assume the responsibility to affirm: “I am a spiritist”. Our challenge, however, is to seek to be today, better than yesterday and tomorrow, better than today.

In nature nothing skips a cycle. All of us, who are now linked to the Spiritist doctrine, have already been in Catholicism, Protestantism, and Buddhism among other religions. Even in this incarnation, few were born in a spiritist home.

We have come from other religious paths, but in finding Spiritism, we discover the Consoler promised by Jesus, who came to teach us all things, and make us understand what Christ meant in his parables. In this safe harbor, we find reasoned faith, the belief of the immortality of the soul, the certainty of reincarnation, and the communicability with spirits.

How good it is that we can say that we are Spiritists! - That we are seeking to overcome our bad inclinations. It is self-knowledge and self-transformation that make us better men and women.


This posture will reflect in the family, where each one will witness the inner light, its moral transformation, by the balanced and loving behavior.


At work, being an example of a good employee or good boss. In society, being a good Christian, someone who is remembered for the love to the neighbor and his right attitudes. Therefore, we are Spiritists 24 hours a day.

We cannot wear the cloak of humility and of fraternity only when we are in the Spiritist Center.


Love each other - this is the first teaching;

Educate yourself - this is the second.

The Spirit of Truth invites us to demonstrate who we are by the attitudes of love, fraternity and charity.


To look at each other as a brother that we must learn to love, despite defects and imperfections, that only by practicing the virtues and the constant pursuit of enlightenment through study, will we free ourselves from that “old man” we still carry within us.

The challenge is not to defeat the other, to be better, more powerful; the challenge is to know ourselves, to tame our imperfections, and "just for today", to approach our model and guide,  Jesus.

For those who find this posture difficult, it is because they have not yet understood that only by choosing the narrow door, will they be freed from their imperfections.

This is the way to plenitude and inner peace.

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