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Path of Roses
João Nunes Maia (medium)
Sheila (spirit) 

The world in which you live resembles a walking path covered by roses, receiving all the affection of Jesus and the love of God.

We must interrupt our common cogitations, from time to time, and meditate upon the valuable opportunities we receive, as a reward for life, when we enter the fluids of the flesh.

Everything for us is an action of improvement. All around us are blessings of the Creator to awaken us to more life.

It begins in the spiritual world, the affection with which the benefactors gratify us, in announcing themselves around us.

And when we want and accept this journey of learning, we find only affability, attention and protection, in the arrangement of our luggage.

All roads are flowery, even if our eyes see it in form of thorns. In depth, they are flowers that educate and instruct. That's why we call “Path of Roses” the entrance in the flesh.

Each one of us, go through painful situations when on Earth, animating a body. But later, we realize that these paths we walked through were the most productive for our earthly experience, as we take from them the richest lessons of love and life, to the tortured heart. Today, we reap the fruits of what we could do in favor of the desperate, in the face of the struggles.

Nothing within us is missing. All the resources are appreciable, in order to help us efficiently in all the difficulties that come our way. We are therefore prepared for the struggle, and the duty is to fight against our imperfections, transforming them into activities of the good, which always vibrates in our consciousness and becomes visible to us in every part of life.

Wherever you are, my brother, you will find yourself in a path covered by roses, enjoying the perfume of Love, a fragrance that reignite the needy hearts. It shares the caravan of fraternity, whose environment is the universe. Be a citizen of the world without limits.

Let us materialize the good, in all angles of existence, and prevent that love not to lose the luminous road of our hearts, where the Christ of God should be born to show us happiness.

We again affirm that the earth is therefore a “Path of Roses”, with the blessings of God to be shown in the smallest things: from the drop of water, to the oceans; from the periodic elements to the worlds that circulate in the creation of the Great King; from the first movements of the isolated cells to the marvelous harmony of the human body; manifesting the rational and enlightened intelligence of the Gospel.

If you want, you can feel and see everything flowered, wherever you go, inviting you to the heavenly banquet, by the inarticulate words of the winds, the waters, the trees, the birds, the stars, everything you can observe, as long as you have tenderness in your gestures and love in your heart.

Do not lose the opportunity, you who are animating a body. Embrace this “Floor of Roses” as an offering of progress, and you will be blessed by the fruits that you will reap, marking your life in the correspondence of the sowing that you have thrown in the bosom of the soil.

May God and Jesus bless us all, wherever we are, beginning, if we have not yet begun, the practice of good for love, and of charity for duty.

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