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Divaldo Franco

Divaldo Franco is recognized as one of the most influential and greatest mediums living in the world today. Also known as "The Ambassador of Peace," he is the most prominent lecturer and advocate of the Spiritist Doctrine. Sixty-six years of his life have been devoted to the Spiritist cause and children in need. He is an accomplished and devoted educator with more than six-hundred foster children and over two-hundred grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Divaldo displayed clairvoyance and clairaudience before he was five years old and during his childhood, he played with friends from another dimension of life that others could not see or hear. He attended the Normal Rural School of Feira de Santana, receiving an elementary school teaching diploma in 1943; however, He worked as a clerk at the old IPASE in Salvador, retiring in 1980.


In 1949, Divaldo saw through clairvoyance a very large area with many children and through clairaudience, Divaldo heard a spirit voice stating that his life would be dedicated to caring for disadvantaged children. Then in 1952, "Mansion of the Way" (Mansão do Caminho) was established to provide housing and education for orphaned children in Salvador, Bahia through a system of foster homes. Mansion of the Way is currently assisting around three-thousand children, teenagers and young adults from low-income families each day. All of this has been going on for over sixty years and over thirty-five thousand children and teenagers have received education and care from the Mansion of the Way.


In 1964, under the direction of Joanna de Angelis, Divaldo selected several messages authored by his mentor and published, "Harvest of Love" (Messe de Amor), the first book written by Divaldo through psychography, also known as automatic writing. Since then, he has written two hundred fifty-five books with over eight million copies sold, featuring two hundred and seventeen spiritual authors, many of whom occupy a prominent place in literature, religion and universal thought.


Many of Divaldo's books have been translated into sixteen languages and all proceeds from the sale of these copyrighted works are donated to "Mansion of the Way" and other charitable institutions.

Divaldo has lectured at more than thirteen thousand conferences in over two thousand cities throughout Brazil and in sixty-five countries on five continents. He gives lectures in both large cities and in small towns, with the same eloquence and dedication. Divaldo has also spoken seven times for the United Nations at both the New York headquarters in the United States and the Vienna headquarters in Austria. And he has given fifteen hundred interviews for radio and TV, in Brazil and abroad.                                                                                                                  


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