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Tania Stewart




Tania Stewart is a "natural born" medium from Brazil and has offered her service as an unconscious trance medium since childhood.

Tania Stewart's interest in Spirituality and Alternative Healing began in 1994 while she was working as a hospital administrator in her hometown, Caldas Novas, Brazil. Tania began to receive spiritual messages that were

extremely helpful to some of the patients, particularly those who were terminally ill and/or suffered from psychological afflictions. When Tania started receiving messages in a language that she had never spoken or studied (Spanish), she decided to pursue the study of Spiritism at a local Spiritist center. Within one month, she began to receive messages from an illuminated spirit who had once lived in Spain as a priest and philosopher. During this time, the Spiritist center she was attending grew from 30 to over 200 people as the word spread of the beautiful messages and healings from Tania's spiritual friends.


Tania began her course of study in 1995 with a goal to learn everything she could about alternative healing. She has taken numerous classes and earned certificates in Kinesiology, Flower Essences, Reiki Levels I, II and III, Spiritual Counseling, and nine courses with certifications in Pranic Healing®. In 2002, Tania established an alternative healing practice in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where she attended an array of clients, including a senator's family and the wife and daughter of a federal deputy.


Tania now practices Holistic Spiritual Therapy, her own unique service that is a result of years of study and experience as a Spiritual Counselor, Pranic Healing Practitioner, and Reiki Level III master. Holistic Spiritual Therapy® is an alternate form of freeing the mind of negative energies and replacing them with positive healing energies that help to restore both mind and body. It may also include a natural analysis of one's own emotional and spiritual consciousness and encompasses every dimension from the physical to the mental.


Tania is co-founder of Brazilian Spiritual Healing and the President of Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center in Penryn, California.


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