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Bezerra's Message


Gradual Unification, Immediate Union and Inncessant Work


Spiritists, my brothers and sisters!


As the trumpets of a new day of light announce the arrival of the Era of the Lord, and an era of peace prepares for the new humanity, which at this time is still dominated and crushed by desperation, let us make the journey inside ourselves.

As external values lose their significance impelling us to seek God in our hearts, we are invited through our

brothers and sisters to share in the highest responsibility of loving, serving, and carrying on. Jesus, my friends, is more than a symbol.

He is a reality in our existence. He is not only a being that went from the manger to the cross, but rather the example whose life became a Gospel of facts calling upon us. Because of this, it is necessary to immerse our thoughts in the works of Allan Kardec in order to experience Jesus in its plenitude.

We are invited to the banquet of a better era, the era of the eternal Gospel, and no one can decline this invitation under any circumstance. There was a time we could claim we were not informed of the truth. Today, however, we know better. And because we know it through personal experience, let us live the Christ of God in our attitudes, allowing the Spiritist light to show its message of enlightenment without ever being hindered by the dense clouds which still characterize human selfishness, resentment, and vanity. Unification indeed, and union as well.

It is indispensable that we become unified under the Spiritist ideal, but above all, that we unite as brothers and sisters. Our postulates ought to be lived and made known within a strict line of dignity and nobility. Yet, let our feelings vibrate in unison, reflecting the sentiments of friends who want to help one another, of brothers and sisters who do not allow themselves to advance forward while leaving the rear guard covered with corpses, or the ones who did not have the strength to carry on.

The task of unification is gradual; and whereas the task of uniting is immediate, the work is incessant, because we will never complete the job since we are imperfect servants and perform only the portion that is entrusted to us.

To love, however, is the Commandment our Lord left us and which the Doctrine restored. Let us unite, let us love one another earnestly, and let us eliminate our doubts, rectify our opinions, difficulties, and our points of view in light of the clear and sublime message of the Doctrine by which Allan Kardec enriches the new era, understanding that we are just simple apprentices. As apprentices, we cannot surpass the master.

Let us join hands and be helpful to one another; let us forget conflicting opinions to remember the concepts of similitude, trusting in time, the great drier of tears, which corrects everything. We do not call upon you proclaiming inertia, parasitism, or implicit acceptance without discussing or examining the information. We invite you to the true dynamics of love. Let us remember, the words of Jesus: "And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." whereas no one can tear a bundle of twigs joined together in a union of forces.

It is for this reason, Spiritists, my brothers and sisters, that while the Unification should continue, the Union should rule in our hearts. We are the seed spreaders of a better time, the cultivators of the new era. The harvest we will reap in the name of Jesus will characterize our work. Go forward, my brothers and sisters, in search of the dawn of the new era. Jesus is the ultimate Master, and Allan Kardec the faithful disciple. Let us be the honorable and noble continuators of His labor of love and His lesson of wisdom.

When the shadows of death subsequently descend upon you and we the discarnate, approach to welcome you, you will be able to say: "Here we are, Master, recognizing that we are still imperfect servants because we only did what was assigned to us." He, however, being magnanimous, just, and good, will say: "Come to me, children of my Father, enter into the joy of peace."

Much peace, my friends! May the Lord bless you.

Bezerra de Menezes

Message recieved by the medium, Divaldo P. Franco, on the night of April 20, 1975 at a public meeting at the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, Brasilia, DF, Brazil. (Reformador Feb/76)


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